• C-Type High Speed Precision Mechanical Press


Ultra Precision Press
Application for ultra thin plastic material such as PET, PP, PS and PVC
Metallic material such as steel, brass, aluminum and stainless steel

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Mechanical press function chart

Ultra Precision Press

Alloy casting frame

2 pieces of massive frame resist deflection and reduce vibration.

4 points crank supporting

Bearings are applied both at supporting & connection to get smaller clearance.

Servo driving system

Servo motor drive to achieve higher acceleration and deceleration rate, suitable for clean room.

Dynamic balancer

Dynamic balancer reserves weight of upper die to eliminate the inertia produced by reciprocation.

Slide guiding system

2 plungers and 4 post guides are applied to absorb the sideward thrust during stamping.

Siemens control system

Colorful HMI screen is applied to display press function and production parameters.

Vertical accuracy ≦ 0.002mm

Machine Specification
Model SVL 10
Capacity ton 10
Stroke mm 13
Speed spm 150
Die height mm 175
Bolster area mm 800×350
Slide area mm 800x250
Max. upper die weight kg 30
Main motor hp 20

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