High Speed Precision Press for End Conversion System

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6 Points Crank Support

Hydro-dynamic crank bushings can withstand thrust and reduce the friction area. 2 bearings and 4 brass bushings are added to reduce the clearance and resist wear over time.

6 Point Temperature Detection

Temperature detection at crank bushings and connection rod bushings.

Plunger & Hydro-Static Bushing

Thick and long plungers are guided by hydro-static bushings, which keeps the slide movement vertical, and isolates the slide from angular front-to-rear movement of connection rods.

Slide Guiding

8 square guide gibs are applied to absorb the sideward thrust during stamping, also counteracting large eccentric loads.

Slide Quick Lift

70 mm lift up helps prevent tool jamming, and ensures a quick punch change. After troubleshooting, the slide returns to the original height and the BDC keeps still with no need to adjust.

Wide Side Opening

A wide side opening allows for off center tab strip feeding.

Shut Height Adjustment

The shut height can be adjusted up to 10mm by changing the bolster height manually.

Oil Temperature Control System

The pre-heated oil will maintain the temperature of the press frame, crank shaft and bushings at the press running temperature. The BDC is less than 0.01 mm difference between the start and end of production.

Machine Specification
Type H-125
Capacity tons 125
Tonnage Rating mm 3.2
Stroke mm 40
Press Speed spm 200 - 700
Shut Height mm 380
Shut Height Adjustment mm 10
Slide Area mm 1400 x 900
Bolster Area mm 1400 x 1000
Slide Quick Lift mm 70
Main Motor hp 50HP 4P

* We reserve the right to modify all data contained in this catalogue without notice. Please contact with us for detail specification & dimension of the press.

Tabbing Feeder
Type FDG-120B
Strip width mm ~120
Strip thickness mm ~2.0
Feeding length mm 20 - 50
Belt Transfer
Type FDF-180
Max speed rpm 700
Index - 6
Index accuracy sec ±30
Shell dimension per customer request
Feeding speed same as press
Oil free device