• Straight-Side Two-Plungers High Speed Blanking Machine

2 Plungers

Straight Side High Speed Precision Press

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Quick Lifting

The quick access device enables the slide up 70mm within 60 seconds to help users quickly solve tooling problems.

Guiding System

2 Plungers and 8 gibs

Dual plungers isolate slide from angular front-to-back movement of connections and bear up more upward eccentric load. 8 square long guide gibs and linear bearings are applied to absorb the sideward thrust during stamping.

Strong Structure

6 Point of Crank Supporting

The distance between supporting is short to resist deflective stress. 2 bearings and 4 hydro-dynamic brass bushings are applied to get smaller clearance.

Clutch and Brake

Separated Clutch and Brake

The torch of separated clutch & brake is bigger, so braking time and angle get less. Balanced load at two side can reduces wear of bearings. If mechanical parts fail at clutch or brake, press stops immediately.

B.D.C. Test

Dynamic Accuracy Test

Not only JIS static accuracy checked but dynamic accuracy tests are also our standard procedures.

Start Running at Constant Speed

Press starts cotinuous running. The maximum gap is 0.1mm.
The B.D.C. keeps stable after 30 minutes during running continuously.

Running at Stable Temp. & Constant Speed

After press temp. keeps stable, press keeps running and record the B.D.C positions of 1,000 stamping. The maximum gap is ± 0.005mm.

Control System

Siemens Colorful

Automatic Computer

Control System

Die Information
Alarm Records
Job Order
Load Monitor
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Pressure Monitor (option)
Service Log
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Trouble Shooting
Machine Specification
Type HD-220 HD-300 HD-350 HD-450
Capacity tons 200 300 350 450
Slide stroke mm 30 30 30 30
Press speed spm 200-500 150-400 150-400 100-350
Shut height mm 500 520 520 560
Area of bolster mm 1700 x 950 2000 x 1050 2300 x 1100 2600 x 1200
Bolster thickness mm 200 220 220 250
Area of slide mm 1700 x 650 2000 x 750 2300 x 800 2600 x 900
Shut height adjustment mm 50 60 60 60
Main motor hp 40 50 60 75

* We reserve the right to modify all data contained in this catalogue without notice. Please contact with us for detail specification & dimension of the press.