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FPB Series

Fine Blanking Mechanical Press

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Fine Blanking press Machine is one kind of metal stampings used to produce high precision metal components. The components can be produced with high precise shape and size to meet ISO and testing certifications. It’s also applied with wild range in manufacturing industry, including automobile, aerospace, chassis component, military and other metal related industry.

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Fine Blanking Press

The Cost-Efficiency Metal Forming Process

FPB series, the triple action press, is outstanding for precision and complex metal stamping parts which flatness is retained, straight, superior finished edges.The production information is compatible with ERP system to reduce manual input job.

line layout of fine blanking machine
  • Under drive system
  • Crank type + link motion
  • Hydra. static guiding system
  • Circulating Lubrication Device
  • Upper & lower Hydraulic cushion
  • Siemens Control System
  • Push / Pull feeders
  • Scrap cutter
blanking process of fine blanking machine

Blanking Process

P1:Blanking force
P2:V-ring force
P3:Counter force

Machine Specification
Spec / Type FPB-250
Capacity tons 250
Stroke mm 50 - 70
Blanking force ton 85
Counter force ton 55
Max. speed spm 100
Shut height mm 250 - 350
Upper plate mm 550 x 550
Lower plate mm 600 x 600
Max. material width mm 250
Max. material thickness mm 12

Slide Motion

Vertical Accuracy Within 0.01mm

Slide velocity decrease TDC to reduce the impact of stamping, noise and vibration.