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ING YU will keep the spirit of creating the value for customers in mind and developing progressive stamping equipment to meet customer's requirement. Moreover, expand more service bases in the world; enhance the cooperative relationship with customers. To be different, keep walking and hand in hand with the world.

Our success comes from our years of insistence on making better press machines in quality, both hardware and softwares. We are proud presenting you Ing Yu made stamping press, precision stamping press, precision metal stamping, progressive die stamping, fine blanking press, mechanical press and even roller link.

pictures of roller links
picture link to Ing Yu's saga series in stamping press
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latest news
  •   Ultra Precision Press SVL-10
  •   Application for ultra thin plastic material such as PET, PP, PS and PVC
  •   Metallic material such as steel, brass, aluminum and stainless steel