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Roller Link - Roller Chain Connecting Link

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Roller Link

ING YU HS-125H / 160H high speed single-crank precision press has supplied to world class roller chain link companies to make efficient chain for transferring energy through high tolerances and superior rigidity. The frame structure is specially designed for thick material. And perfect to make high quality link plates allows the chain to be specified up to its full kW rating.  

Finish roller link photos that made by ING YU press:

Roller Link  

Roller Link Features

HS-125H / 160
- Alloy casting unique frame uniformly distributes stress and keeps rigidity.
- Dynamic balancer reserves weight of upper die to eliminate the inertia produced by reciprocating movement.
- Single plunger and 8 square guiding gibs, absorbs sideward thrust during stamping and allows eccentric load processing.
- Special designed frame structure is suitable for thick material.
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High Speed Mechanical / Precision Press - Roller Link Application

High Speed Press - Apes-125 Summarized Spec
Tonnage tons 125 160
Stroke mm 20 20
SPM range spm 150-500 150-500
Area of Bolster hp 1000x850 1000x850
Main motor mm 20 30

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Dual Head Uncoiler
Dual Head Uncoiler
Type DCT-12 DCT-30 DCT-40
Max outside dia (mm) 800 1200 1200
Valid inside dia (mm) 450-520 450-520 450-520
Max load per head (kg) 800 1000 1500
Hydraulic expand yes yes yes
Straightener with S Loop
Straightener with S Loop
Type FRS-12 FRS-30 FRS-40
Max width (mm) 120 300 400
Valid thickness (mm) 0.3-1.0 0.4-1.2 0.4-1.2
Max Speed (m/min) 60 60 90
Drive motor (hp) 2 3 5
Gear Change Roll Feeder Gear Change Roller Link Feeder:
Thickness range: 0.3 – 2.3mm
Width: 120mm/300mm/400mm
Feed speed: 60m/min
Pitch range: 4–120mm/120-360mm
Control and Detection System(Optional):
Siemens PLC Control BDC Detection/Protection Load Detection
Siemens PLC Control:
100 set tooling memory
Miss-feed circuit x 4 / strip-end circuit x 1
Batch/cam reserved output x5
BDC Detection/Protection:
4 channel
Load Detection:
4 channel
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