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Precise Lead Frame Manufacturer

Application Industries:
● Electronics
● Telecommunications
● Recreational
● Industrial Controls
● Aerospace
● Avionics
● Lighting
● Isemi-conductor
For semi-conductor application, the complete production line includes sub-micron tooling design and manufacture, super accuracy 2μm high speed press and stamping technology of lead frame, Pd (palladium), Ag multiple metal-plated and accurate injection molds. The LED related application, such as automotive, TFT-LCD display, general illumination and etc is famous now.  
After first stamping of lead frame at 45 – 60tons press and plastic injection, the strip requires second stamping (forming) process  
sheet metal punch The micron-grade of stamping technology should be applied for the quality of products with cutting, bending, curling and coining process. sheet metal cutter Power transistor (hybrid IC), thick material stamping including coining process at 80 – 200 tons press.

Finish product photos that made by ING YU press:


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metal cutting shears
Summarized Spec
Model Apex-Knuckle VIII Bolster size 1200 x 750 mm
Tonnage 80 ton Slide quick lift 50mm
Stroke 30 mm Anti-vibration cushion spring type
SPM range 200-600 spm Die arm Die Arm & Die lifter
Main motor 30 hp inverter drive Air blow air blow valve for parts eject

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metal embossing tools
Summarized Spec
Model Saga-35 Saga-45 Saga-60 Saga-80
Tonnage tons 35 45 60 80
Stroke mm 40 80 120 50 100 140 60 120 160 70 140 180
Press speed spm 140-240 70-120 60-100 100-200 50-100 40-80 80-160 45-80 40-70 60-140 40-75 35-60
Main motor hp 5 5 7.5 7.5
Bolster size mm 560x400 650x450 720x520 800x600

Quality of Dynamic Stamping

Precise Lead Frame - Quality of Dynamic Stamping Above 1mm to BDC, the period is double of crank presses to match super grade forming and coining process’s requirement.
At 1,000 strokes, the BDC deviation is only ±2.5μm to match super accuracy requirement. Precise Lead Frame - Quality of Dynamic Stamping
Precise Lead Frame - Quality of Dynamic Stamping Warm up the press by thermostatic system to keep the BDC deviation within 0.03mm at the first running hour.
During eccentric loading from tooling stamping, the parallelism between slide and bolster is changing. Apex-Knuckle press deformation is 1/3 of other crank presses. (JIS special grade require 0.07mm at parallelism without eccentric loading.) Precise Lead Frame - Quality of Dynamic Stamping Precise Lead Frame - Quality of Dynamic Stamping


Precise Lead Frame - Uncoiler Uncoiler:
Horizontal reels (1,000kg max)
Precise Lead Frame - Grip Feeder Grip Feeder:
Thickness range: 0.1 – 2mm,
Width: 80mm,
Feed speed: 40m/min,
Pitch range: 0 – 50mm
Precise Lead Frame - High Speed NC Servo Roll Feeder High Speed NC Servo Roll Feeder:
Thickness range: 0.3 – 1mm,
Width: 120mm,
Feed speed: 55m/min,
Pitch range: 0 - 76mm
Precise Lead Frame - Cam Feeder / Gear Change Roll Feeder Cam Feeder / Gear Change Roll Feeder:
Thickness range: 0.3 – 2.3mm,
Width: 120mm,
Feed speed: 60m/min,
Pitch range: 4 – 120mm

Control and Detection System:

Precise Lead Frame - Siemens PLC Control Precise Lead Frame - BDC Detection/Protection Precise Lead Frame - Load Detection
Siemens PLC Control:
100 set tooling memory
Miss-feed circuit x 4 / strip-end circuit x 1
Batch/cam reserved output x5
BDC Detection/Protection:
4 channel
Load Detection:
4 channel
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