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HS-160H  High Speed Single Crank Precision Press



HS-160H - Chain

Frame of Cast Iron and Excellent Design of Structure

Alloy casting unique frame uniformly distributes stress and keeps rigidity and high precision. Special design frame structure is suitable for thick material.

4 Points crank supporting & Hydro-dynamic bushing

Hydro-dynamic bushings can stand with thrust and decrease friction area. It can suppress heat expansion to prevent the wear throughout years.

Dynamically balanced counter weight

Dynamic balancer reserves weight of upper die to eliminate the inertia produced by reciprocating movement.

Single plunger and 8 square guiding gibs

This design absorbs sideward thrust during stamping and allows eccentric load processing.

Hydraulic locking device of screw rods

Hydraulic locking device of screw rods eliminates the clearance to keep reciprocating accuracy.

Circulating lubrication & cooler system

Oil reservoir is inner of bed. Oil temperature is controlled stably and cooling system is separated from circulation to prevent from condensing water inwardly.
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