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High Speed Press, Motor Core Lamination
Precision Stamping Press Manufacture Solution

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Can Making


ING YU also specializes in metal packaging for the food and beverage industry. We are a leading supplier of high speed press tooling system used in the production of "easy-open" can ends. ING YU H-125/ PS-80 high speed precision presses are dynamically-balanced, permitting higher speeds. Moreover, the main bearings give exceptional support to the eccentric shaft to resist deflection and minimize stress.


Finish product photos that made by ING YU press:

high speed press machine  

Can Making

H-125/ PS-80
- The hydro-dynamic crank can withstand thrust and reduces the friction area.
- A wide side opening allows for off-center tab strip feeding.
- The dynamic balancer reserves upper die weight. Seesaw type counterweight keeps the slide moving smoothly.
- The quick slide lift feature enables users to resolve tool jamming and change the punch as quickly as possible.
- High Speed Press
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High Speed Precision Press

High Speed Press - Apes-125 Summarized Spec
Capacity tons 125
Tonnage Rating mm 3.2
Stroke mm 40
Press Speed spm 200-700
Shut Height mm 380
Shut Height Adjustment mm 10
Slide Area mm 1400 x 900
Bolster Area mm 1400 x 1000
Slide Quick Lift mm 70
Main Motor hp 50

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High Speed Press - Apes-125 Summarized Spec
Capacity tons 80
Stroke mm 100
Max Die Height mm 600
Max Speed spm 250
Bolster Speed mm 1200 x 750
Slide Area mm 1000 x 450
Die Height Adjust mm 25
Main Motor hp 30

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Dual Head Uncoiler
Tabbing Feeder
Type FDG-120B
Strip Width ~120 mm
Strip Thickness ~2.0 mm
Feeding Length 20-50 mm
Straightener with S Loop
Belt Transfer
Type FDF-180
Max Speed 700 rpm
Index 6
Index Accuracy ±30 sec
Gear Change Roll Feeder
Type DF-4
Shell Dimension per Customer Request
Feeding Speed same as Press
Oil Free Device
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