High Speed Press

ING YU was established in 1970 and specialized in the manufacture of High Speed Press. ING YU insists to offer the best quality high speed press to worldwide customers.

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High Speed Press, Motor Core Lamination

High speed press design is the most relevent to quality. The efficiency of high speed press is what we could anticipate during development.

Precision Stamping Press Manufacture Solution

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Can Making


ING YU also specializes in metal packaging for the food and beverage industry. We are a leading supplier of high speed press tooling system used in the production of "easy-open" can ends. ING YU H-125/ PS-80 high speed precision presses are dynamically-balanced, permitting higher speeds. Moreover, the main bearings give exceptional support to the eccentric shaft to resist deflection and minimize stress.


Finish high speed press product photos that made by ING YU press:

high speed press machine  

Can Making

H-125/ PS-80
- The hydro-dynamic crank can withstand thrust and reduces the friction area.
- A wide side opening allows for off-center tab strip feeding.
- The dynamic balancer reserves upper die weight. Seesaw type counterweight keeps the slide moving smoothly.
- The quick slide lift feature enables users to resolve tool jamming and change the punch as quickly as possible.
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High Speed Precision Press


High Speed Press Specifications

Our high speed press CE certitication and ISO 9001 certilication were approved in 1998, which had earned customer's faith in high speed press products through the entire service network.

High Speed Press - Apes-125 Summarized Spec
Capacity tons 125
Tonnage Rating mm 3.2
Stroke mm 40
Press Speed spm 200-700
Shut Height mm 380
Shut Height Adjustment mm 10
Slide Area mm 1400 x 900
Bolster Area mm 1400 x 1000
Slide Quick Lift mm 70
Main Motor hp 50

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High Speed Press - Apes-125 Summarized Spec
Capacity tons 80
Stroke mm 100
Max Die Height mm 600
Max Speed spm 250
Bolster Speed mm 1200 x 750
Slide Area mm 1000 x 450
Die Height Adjust mm 25
Main Motor hp 30

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Dual Head Uncoiler
Tabbing Feeder
Type FDG-120B
Strip Width ~120 mm
Strip Thickness ~2.0 mm
Feeding Length 20-50 mm
Straightener with S Loop
Belt Transfer
Type FDF-180
Max Speed 700 rpm
Index 6
Index Accuracy ±30 sec
Gear Change Roll Feeder
Type DF-4
Shell Dimension per Customer Request
Feeding Speed same as Press
Oil Free Device
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