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HD Series  Straight-Side Two-Plungers High Speed Precision Press

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Blanking press is one kind of metal stampings used to produce high precision metal components. The components can be produced with high precise shape and size to meet ISO and testing certifications.
It’s also applied with wild range in manufacturing industry, including automobile, aerospace, chassis component, military and other metal related industry.

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Frame of cast iron and excellent design of structure

3 sets of massive frame resist deflection and reduce vibration.

Hydraulic locking device of screw rods

Hydraulic locking device of screw rods eliminates the clearance to keep reciprocating accuracy.

SIEMENS Colorful automatic computer control system with 4 points load monitor

Colorful TFT-LCD screen is applied to operate simply by variety color of screen and letters display.

Circulating lubrication & cooler system

Oil reservoir is inner of bed. Oil temperature is controlled stably and cooling system is separated from circulation to prevent from condensing water inwardly.

Guiding system of slide

Dual plungers isolate slide from angular front-to-back movement of connections and bear up more upward eccentric load during stamping.

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6 Points of Crank supporting

2 bearings and 4 brass bushings are applied to get smaller clearance and resist wear throughout years.

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Slide quick lift

The height of slide quick lift is 70mm. It helps users to solve the problem occurred on tooling quickly such as material sticking, tool jamming, scrap or punch changing. After trouble shooting, return slide to its original height quickly and the B.D.C is kept still without readjusting.

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Dynamically balanced counter weight

Dynamically balancer reserves weight of upper die to eliminate the inertia produced by reciprocation. Hence, vibration can be reduced to an extreme low level.

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